True it’s just a sprinkle but it smells so fresh and it feels so good!! Hope it continues for a few hours!!!

Another exciting day in Durango

Well today was a barn burner. We got our access to MLS and my goodness it has changed (for the better!!!). Then we attended a orientation about all the stuff we get with our Keller Williams affiliation. We’ve all heard the analogy of drinking from a water hose…. Well this is it and its a really big water hose….

Smoke on the Mountains around Durango Colorado

Well it’s the end of June 2013 and there are big fires burning down in New Mexico and over in South Fork and Creede Colorado. Thankfully there are none burning in or near the Durango area. But, today we have lots of smoke in the air here. Hopefully this part of the country will get some nice gentle soothing rains to cool things off and refresh everything. Despite today’s smoke there is plenty of activities to keep your mind occupied!

Sunny skies, some water in the river and the trails are prime for hiking and biking. C’mon out and visit with us!! Maybe you’ll decide to take a look at a little real estate with us while you’re here!! We’re here where are you today? You know you want to be here!

Durango old and new!

Day in and day out we see more and more interesting things around town. This evening while enjoying a little relaxation on the Starbucks large patio we were enjoying the cool breeze and watching the tourists stroll by in leisurely manner we heard a distinctive clip clop sound and looked up to see a horse drawn carriage scooting by with some tour passengers enjoying a little Durango history as the carriage driver pointed out the General Palmer hotel across the street.


New beginnings!

So with great anticipation we wait till tomorrow when papers are signed and we are officially affiliated with a Real Estate office again! It seems a little odd since we were on our own for so many years.

After doing Real Estate many different ways since 1978, we believe we have found that the synergy of being with a successful, motivated group is best.

Today we cleaned out our new cube and bought a few things to make it workable. Starting tomorrow it will be the place we spend a lot of our time prospecting new business.

There is much training available at this great company so we have lots of learning to do. Tomorrow begins an entire new adventure in Real Estate for us. We will start the day with a property tour, sign the necessary paperwork and begin to learn the new technology available.

It has been two months since we made the big move to Durango and lots of things have changed while we settled in and unpacked.

Tomorrow is a big day for us. It will be a new beginning on our Real Estate path that started long long ago in a galaxy far away!


Super Moon

Tonight was the rising of the Super Moon 2013! It was an awesome privilege to watch it rise here in our breathtakingly beautiful area.




Moon over Durango


Just a quick shot of the moonrise last night. But…. Tonight is the SUPERMOON 2013. I hope to get an even nicer shot to share tonight!

Yeeeeee Haaaaaa!!!!

Whooooo!Hooooo!!! License is active!!! Now to get back to work!!! Doing the Happy Dance!!!

Flatbread for breakfast???

One of the things on my forbidden foods list is “Pizza.”

It has been a favorite since my youth.

I have been cheating a good bit lately. I did go without for about four years. Now that we have returned to the city I love, there are new places with pizza and flatbread galore.

While at the Farmers Market last week we were treated to the smells of a breakfast flatbread.

Breakfast flatbread

Breakfast flatbread with Egg

This delicious offering is made on flatbread with egg, cheese, assorted meats and herbs. It tilts the yum scale!

We had green chiiis added to ours and truly enjoyed this twist on breakfast food. Flatbread really is for breakfast!

When pigs fly!

One of Ralph’s favorite comments when we encounter difficult situations is.” When Pigs fly…!”

As you can plainly see by the photo, that concept is not all that uncommon. The pig comes in an assortment o sizes and shapes at Dietz Market across from WalMart in Durango Colorado,

This little metal sculpture is cute. The real thing would be a pollution hazard on many levels. Look at the damage done when large birds hit airplanes.

Just one more reminder that we should all be careful what we wish for!

Flying pigs

Who says pigs don’t fly?