Wildlife in Durango

Sitting at home eating breakfast when I saw something at the tree line. So gazing through the binoculars I see a big deer or mule deer buck still in velvet. Antlers were more than a foot tall and really thick!! Gotta put a camera back at the table because he did step out of the tree line for a minute.

New Durango Website

Spending the day working hard on our Durango Colorado Home Team website. It’s our other website. I think you’ll like it!

Duck race in Durango!

It is a beautiful Thursday evening in Durango. Cool clean breeze , sky clouding up for the nightly showers and a rather large duck walking down Main Street. Only in Durango!

As we had walked along toward our evening tea spot we had passed a group of young people who invited us to sponsor a rubber duck for the upcoming race. It is scheduled for Saturday morning at 10:30. The race will be on the stretch of river from Rotary Park to the Children’s Museum. The winning duck sponsor will win $1,000!

The money raised will be donated to scholarships for disadvantaged children. There is a summer camp for them on CR 222.

What a deal! An opportunity to watch ducks on the river and help make a child’s summer memorable all at the same time. Talk about worthwhile! To sweeten the deal, you also get a coloriffic bandana. All that for a ten dollar donation. You do not have to be present to win…

Start watching for the Duck as you walk around! Duck races only happen occasionally. Don’t miss this opportunity! This event is a part of Fiesta Days.


Seasons Restaurant Durango CO

First time to dine here in many years. Elegant even at lunch! Food is absolutely fabulous. I had a smoked Pastrami that was melt in your mouth delicious.


Big trout living in Safety in Durango

People should never take having a supply of game fish for granted.

Did you know that there is a Wildlife hatchery in Durango ? There is an opportunity to see how the Wildlife folks manage to keep little fish hatching and maturing into game that are released into streams and rivers.

There is a museum featuring many of the animals and birds seen in the wild.

All this knowledge and lots of other interesting information is waiting to educate you right off 16th street.

The family will enjoy the exhibits and the admission is FREE! Of course they do have a donation bucket if you’re inclined to support a worthy cause.

Check out these beauties!


Live on Main Avenue Durango CO 81301

When gasoline gets to five dollars a gallon, wouldn’t it be grand to live in a penthouse overlooking Main Street?

You could enjoys the luxury comforts of state of the arts construction and walk to your business. This one in the photo has a storefront for lease downstairs.

In addition to comfortable living space, there is an access by a 42 step stairwell. That would eliminate need for any gym membership and assure your physical fitness.

In addition to the views, convenience of location and sumptuous comforts, you would be doing your part to cut down on fossil fuel consumption.

Living on Main Street has lots of possibilities! Perhaps you should look into this! Perhaps we all should. Call is to help you grab the perfect location!


Afternoon rain in Durango Colorado!!

Today we’re having a delightful afternoon rain shower!! The temps have dropped nicely and you can hear the plants and trees singing and dancing!




Finally things have come together and Jeanne has cleared the quagmire with her fingerprints!!! Her license is ACTIVE again here in Colorado!!! Anyone needing to buy or sell a home or land should call Jeanne!! Now she can be more than my assistant here in Colorado! She is now licensed in Colorado and Texas just like me!! Whooooo Hooooo!!! Let the buyers and sellers come on in in droves!!! We’re ready for you!!

Spectacular view!!


You can look at the photo and imagine. We can use beautiful language to describe the setting but actually standing on the deck and absorbing the 180 degree plus view is stimulus you have to experience in person to really appreciate it. There is an absolutely terrific two level home behind this view. It’s built for comfortable casual living with a elegant flair. This is a very special property for that special individual or group! It’s in Durango and its available now! Call me and lets go take a look. It’s most likely just what you’ve been looking for!

Durango deer


All these pretty boys were photographed by my friend and client Mandy Martes up on the mesa a little southeast of Durango as you head down to Farmington. They were bedded down outside her kitchen window!