Horsing around Durango

Durango Carriage Ride

Horse Drawn carriage in Downtown Durango Colorado

There are many forms of transportation available in Durango.

Some traditional ways to get from here to there include bikes, motorcycles, cars, trolley lines, buses, even rafts and canoes.

Less traditional and available usually on weekends are horse drawn carriages.

These are found outside the fanciest antique hotel, The Strater Hotel right in Downtown Durango.

The horses are always beautifully groomed and the carriages are impeccably decked out. They frequently include twinkle lights as part of the harnessing. The effect is thoroughly enchanting.

As the horse and carriage goes clip clopping along, it inspires visions of days past. They were probably the transportation of choice in the early Durango days.

Just imagine…. if you owned a home, townhome or condo here you could enjoy the many varied activities at will. Not to mention how relaxed you would be. Durango is such a beautiful place to live and work.

If gasoline prices continue to escalate, the horses and rafts may make a come back.

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