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Rim view

Breathtaking view in Durango CO

Imagine the most sensational view you can imagine. Then have a house designed around that view. Have it done by a famous local architect (who took inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright)to make the most of all the best construction mediums. Incorporate style, beauty, comfort and efficiency all into one 4000 foot three bedroom home.

Add to that house exquisite outdoor features and storage galore. Make it truly fit for royalty. Before you know it you will have created an entertaining paradise.

Homes such as this exist mostly in dreams. This one exists in an incredibly delightful area close to everything important in Dynamic Durango Colorado.

The price is commensurate with the value involved. It is around $1,500,000, which admittedly is more than the average house. This one is by no means the average. It truly is a dream come true. It exists, and is actively on the market. Is it waiting for you?

Wait no longer! Let us show it to you today! Dreams, after all, sometimes come true!

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