Christmas is in the air!


Durango Christmas weasel seen in the window at Sorrel Sky

Just a quick walk down Main Street says that the Holidays are certainly on their way!

The merchants are in full celebration mode! Some have already put up festive colorful decor. Some are marking sale items brightly and boldly.

The creativity abounds!

The bead shop has colorful glass baubles hanging on various lengths of bright ribbons. Many shops have added twinkly lights and fake snow. Soon each and every shop will have some semblance of cheer.

Our favorite of the day featured this holiday weasel. He absolutely screamed greetings as we walked briskly toward lunch opportunities. You can visit him too! He is at “Sorrell Sky Gallery”

Durango is always fun and festive, so the approach of holidays is just one more reason to celebrate being here!

Why Durango?

Rainbow over Durango

Rainbow over Durango

My first exposure to Durango Colorado, resulted in it having an unmistakable hold on my heart. Perhaps it was a form of “Rocky Mountain” highs.

I dreamed of living here for many years, and in May of 2000 Ralph came with me to see what I had talked about so often.

The why about my love for this place spilled out on Ralph and he began to love it too.

His reasons are similar but probably are centered around the beauty and photographic opportunities.

There are also things like clean air and water. Uncrowded roads, ceaseless natural beauty, friendly genuine residents and a creative spirit that renews itself daily.

There are daily celebrations of life here. Weekly festivals and themes allow for endless possibilities to grow and to learn. We celebrate rain, snow, art, holidays, ethnicity, river ups and downs, plants, food, in addition to accomplishments and goal setting. Life is really for living to its fullest.

Whether your passions involve nature, hiking, biking, canoeing, or any other outdoor pursuits, the climate here allows for enjoying the great outdoors. Yes, it gets cold, but the dry air feels much better than humid climates. There is abundant sunshine in the high desert and there are few days when indoors feels better than out.

History is rich throughout the area. The fact that the pioneers accomplished what they did with the adversities they had, shows the can do spirit which permeates the thought processes of all who live and work here.

The real estate market, which is how we have chosen to make a living since 1978, is challenging. There are many agents, many of whom have lived here all their lives. We were not blessed to be born here, but we worked hard to get here as soon as we could. We learned a lot of big city marketing skills along the way. It makes for No dull moments!

Now we know the area, and keep up with all the trends. Ralph studies all the latest technology all the time!

Fortunately we have been led to affiliate with a major firm which we feel will provide us with the environment we need to learn more, and to give our clients and customers the service they deserve.

We wake up daily grateful for the opportunity to live in an area that makes our hearts sing. Giving back is a priority for us here. Our desire is to help others realize their dreams. It is a one step at a time program to which we happily subscribe.

The whys are many, but the most evident one is we love it more than any other place we have been. It would be our joy to show anyone who is interested in knowing more, how and why spending time in Durango is a happy decision.

Horsing around Durango

Durango Carriage Ride

Horse Drawn carriage in Downtown Durango Colorado

There are many forms of transportation available in Durango.

Some traditional ways to get from here to there include bikes, motorcycles, cars, trolley lines, buses, even rafts and canoes.

Less traditional and available usually on weekends are horse drawn carriages.

These are found outside the fanciest antique hotel, The Strater Hotel right in Downtown Durango.

The horses are always beautifully groomed and the carriages are impeccably decked out. They frequently include twinkle lights as part of the harnessing. The effect is thoroughly enchanting.

As the horse and carriage goes clip clopping along, it inspires visions of days past. They were probably the transportation of choice in the early Durango days.

Just imagine…. if you owned a home, townhome or condo here you could enjoy the many varied activities at will. Not to mention how relaxed you would be. Durango is such a beautiful place to live and work.

If gasoline prices continue to escalate, the horses and rafts may make a come back.

Wildlife in Durango

Sitting at home eating breakfast when I saw something at the tree line. So gazing through the binoculars I see a big deer or mule deer buck still in velvet. Antlers were more than a foot tall and really thick!! Gotta put a camera back at the table because he did step out of the tree line for a minute.

Big trout living in Safety in Durango

People should never take having a supply of game fish for granted.

Did you know that there is a Wildlife hatchery in Durango ? There is an opportunity to see how the Wildlife folks manage to keep little fish hatching and maturing into game that are released into streams and rivers.

There is a museum featuring many of the animals and birds seen in the wild.

All this knowledge and lots of other interesting information is waiting to educate you right off 16th street.

The family will enjoy the exhibits and the admission is FREE! Of course they do have a donation bucket if you’re inclined to support a worthy cause.

Check out these beauties!


Durango deer


All these pretty boys were photographed by my friend and client Mandy Martes up on the mesa a little southeast of Durango as you head down to Farmington. They were bedded down outside her kitchen window!

Durango old and new!

Day in and day out we see more and more interesting things around town. This evening while enjoying a little relaxation on the Starbucks large patio we were enjoying the cool breeze and watching the tourists stroll by in leisurely manner we heard a distinctive clip clop sound and looked up to see a horse drawn carriage scooting by with some tour passengers enjoying a little Durango history as the carriage driver pointed out the General Palmer hotel across the street.


Hanging around in Durango


Everybody loves to hang around in Durango!!