Duck race in Durango!

It is a beautiful Thursday evening in Durango. Cool clean breeze , sky clouding up for the nightly showers and a rather large duck walking down Main Street. Only in Durango!

As we had walked along toward our evening tea spot we had passed a group of young people who invited us to sponsor a rubber duck for the upcoming race. It is scheduled for Saturday morning at 10:30. The race will be on the stretch of river from Rotary Park to the Children’s Museum. The winning duck sponsor will win $1,000!

The money raised will be donated to scholarships for disadvantaged children. There is a summer camp for them on CR 222.

What a deal! An opportunity to watch ducks on the river and help make a child’s summer memorable all at the same time. Talk about worthwhile! To sweeten the deal, you also get a coloriffic bandana. All that for a ten dollar donation. You do not have to be present to win…

Start watching for the Duck as you walk around! Duck races only happen occasionally. Don’t miss this opportunity! This event is a part of Fiesta Days.


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