New beginnings!

So with great anticipation we wait till tomorrow when papers are signed and we are officially affiliated with a Real Estate office again! It seems a little odd since we were on our own for so many years.

After doing Real Estate many different ways since 1978, we believe we have found that the synergy of being with a successful, motivated group is best.

Today we cleaned out our new cube and bought a few things to make it workable. Starting tomorrow it will be the place we spend a lot of our time prospecting new business.

There is much training available at this great company so we have lots of learning to do. Tomorrow begins an entire new adventure in Real Estate for us. We will start the day with a property tour, sign the necessary paperwork and begin to learn the new technology available.

It has been two months since we made the big move to Durango and lots of things have changed while we settled in and unpacked.

Tomorrow is a big day for us. It will be a new beginning on our Real Estate path that started long long ago in a galaxy far away!


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Over 60 years combined experience in all phases of Real Estate with 7 years specific to Durango Colorado.

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