Smoke on the Mountains around Durango Colorado

Well it’s the end of June 2013 and there are big fires burning down in New Mexico and over in South Fork and Creede Colorado. Thankfully there are none burning in or near the Durango area. But, today we have lots of smoke in the air here. Hopefully this part of the country will get some nice gentle soothing rains to cool things off and refresh everything. Despite today’s smoke there is plenty of activities to keep your mind occupied!

Sunny skies, some water in the river and the trails are prime for hiking and biking. C’mon out and visit with us!! Maybe you’ll decide to take a look at a little real estate with us while you’re here!! We’re here where are you today? You know you want to be here!

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Over 60 years combined experience in all phases of Real Estate with 7 years specific to Durango Colorado.

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