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Durango Home Team

Durango Home Team

Who is the Durango Home Team? Who are Ralph and Jeanne Janisch? Why not let some of our previous clients and customers give you some insight before reading further.  Now that you’ve read some of that let us tell you a little more about ourselves.

When you think about it, the who you become is the sum total of your experiences, the people who influence you and your desires.

We, Ralph and Jeanne Janisch, are celebrating a combined sixty years of Real Estate as a vocation. It was not a first choice in careers for either of us, but we have followed the path laid before us.

Ralphs first employment was in the construction business. The fact that he has built houses from the ground up gives him a decerning eye to make consumers aware of possible defects or lurking expenses they may not see. He is also able to help customers and clients figure out some possible fixes for their concerns. He always goes out of his way to offer friendly “fatherly ” advice. Take it or leave it, that’s up to you. Ralph also has always had a passion for photography. He sees things that many people miss. Things through a lens take on new life. It also helps Ralph to show things in their best possible light. Real estate allows Ralph to pursue the best of what he has learned and incorporate it all through technology to help others recognize the treasures they might otherwise overlook.

I was a teacher for years before getting involved in Real Estate. I taught pre-school, art and cooking classes. After giving birth to three sons, I embarked upon Real Estate to try to spend more time with them. As usual that did not quite work as planned, but it did enable me to enrich my life with many friends and a lot of creative outlets while learning new skills. I’ve been enjoying the challenges of helping “open doors and dreams since 1978.”

Together we have worked in many areas of Real Estate. We have spent time running our own Brokerage, and doing up to 1000 annual Broker Price Opinions for Banks and other lending entities, we’ve done lease management (thank goodness we don’t do that now) and many other aspects of marketing. Hours of seminars also figure into the mix with us.

Our recent return to the city of our dreams (Durango CO) and the affiliation with the Keller Williams Realty family has given us new opportunities to hone the skills we have developed over the years into systems for “The Durango Home Team.” Consumers get two experienced, caring agents for the cost of one!

It is an comforting feeling to know that the We have mastered the basics of home sales, and now can concentrate on becoming better at every other part of the Real Estate processes. We understand well the apprehension many buyers feel. Helping consumers find their comfort zones is an important first step in the home search process.

The team approach along with state of the art technology at Keller Williams is a perfect match. The program promises to produce winning results for everyone involved. Evolution of this sort is a beautiful thing. Participation in it is rewarding! Just imagine being on course to become ALL you can be! Then consider the plus of hiring two agents whose highest priority is helping YOU find your perfect place! Your satisfaction is certain! The sum total of who you hire to help you is important. The Durango Home Team takes your confidence and business seriously!