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Rainbow over Durango

Double Rainbow over Durango

Welcome to the dream that is Durango Colorado.  Everyday is beautiful here.

My first exposure to Durango, resulted in it having an unmistakable hold on my heart.  Perhaps it was a form of “Rocky Mountain” highs.  The place is truly a dream come true.

The overall atmosphere is calm and casual.  Tension and stress will melt away never to return.  Even rush hour is not rushed and is short lived.

I dreamed of living here for many years , and in May of 2000 Ralph came with me to see what I had talked about so often.

The why about my love for this place spilled out on Ralph and he began to love it too.

His reasons are similar but probably are centered around the beauty and photographic opportunities.

There are also things like clean air and water.  Uncrowded roads, ceaseless natural beauty, friendlyy  genuine residents and a creative spirit that renews itself daily.

There are four distinct seasons.  Snow makes a district statement with unequalled beauty.  The skillful city and highway crews make the snow manageable.  The dry air makes the cold temperatures feel less chilly than in humid climates. Spring brings forth an abundance of blooms.  Summer usually sees temps in the 80s with evenings in the 60s.  Cool breezes make for solid comfort.  Then Fall comes with trees turning exquisite colors up in the mountains and all around. The myriad of native trees will thrill the senses and sooth your soul.

There are daily celebrations of life here.  Weekly festivals and themes allow for endless possibilities to grow and to learn.  We celebrate rain, snow, art, holidays, ethnicity, river ups and downs, plants, seasonal changes, food, in addition to accomplishments and goal setting.  Life is really for living to its fullest.  It becomes an art form.

Whether your passions involve nature, hiking, biking, canoeing, or any other outdoor pursuits, the climate here allows for enjoying the great outdoors.  There is abundant sunshine in the high desert and there are few days when indoors feels better than out.  It is altogether a heathy life style.

History is rich throughout the area.   Charming Victorian architecture is throughout Downtown with a diverse array of sizes.  Then there is the obvious fact that the pioneers accomplished  a great deal with the adversities they had.  It shows the can do spirit which permeates the thought processes of all who live and work here.

The real estate market, which is how we have chosen to make a living since 1978, is challenging.  There are many agents, many of whom have lived here all their lives.  We were not blessed to be born here, but we worked hard to get here as soon as we could.  We learned a lot of big city marketing skills along the way.  It makes for No dull moments!

There are assorted housing choices from small to massive and price ranges from $100,000 to millions.

Now we know the area well, and we concentrate on keeping up with all the trends.  Ralph studies all the latest technology all the time!  We also work together 24/7 so consumers get the benefit of two agents for the price of one.

Fortunately we have recently been led to affiliate with a major firm.  We feel this will provide us with the environment we need to learn more, and to give our clients and customers the service they deserve.

We wake up daily,  grateful  for the opportunity to live in an area that makes our hearts sing.  Giving back is a priority for us here.  Our desire is to help others realize their dreams.  It is a one step at a time program to which we happily subscribe.

The whys are many, but the most evident one is we love it here more than any other place we have been.  It would be our joy to show anyone who is interested in knowing more, how and why spending time in Durango is a happy decision.

You will find photos, links to area attractions, what is available on the market, history, things to do, places to eat, shopping, and places to kick back and relax.  Durango truly has something for everyone in its stellar environment.  It may well be that your whys to be here will outweigh every other place you have been.  It truly is a dream come true.